A Revival!

The dev dame blog is coming back from the dead.  Here’s what you need to know:

– I graduated Dev Bootcamp last spring—awww yisss!

– I then taught at Dev Bootcamp as a junior instructor for nine weeks, which was almost as hard as going through in the first place.

– I started teaching classes for Girl Develop It while teaching at DBC.

– Then I moved on to be a junior developer at Brad’s Deals!  I’m a full stack developer working mainly in Ruby on Rails and Backbone.

– Right after DBC graduation, I had started to put things in motion to rekindle the Chicago chapter of RailsBridge, which had been inactive for almost four years.  Then, in the fall, I was joined by a couple of other gals and we put on the first reboot Ruby on Rails workshop for women!  The chapter’s going strong.  Obligatory plug: Meetup page & Twitter.

– I’ve been doing public speaking!  I spoke for around 300 people at the Global Youth Economic Opportunities Summit in Washington D.C. about why bootcamp-style learning could be the future of education back in October.  Since then, I’ve spoken on several panels about what it’s like to work in the tech world, and in just an hour or so I’ll be giving a new talk at Groupon’s Geekfest about what poetry can teach us about programming.

Now you’re all caught up!  Let’s proceed like old chums, huh?

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